Welcome to the first Little Mix confessions page. Here we post and share confessions/opinions submitted by fans of the girl group Little Mix, who won the X Factor UK in 2011. Every confession we receive is posted anonymously so there's no need to be shy :)

The confessions we post are from LM fans who have submitted them, not our own. We apologise if you personally get offended by any.

Anonymous said: My freind is the fakery mixer out there. She only knows wings and she's always like "OMG I LOVE LITTLE MIX SO FREAKIN MUCH!" And I'm like bitch please what's Leigh Anne's favorite color?

You don’t have to know Leigh Anne’s favorite colour to be called a Mixer. If there is anyone in the fucking world that loves their music, they can be called a Mixer. Not knowing every single thing about Little Mix doesn’t make you a “fakery mixer.”

Anonymous said: Now I am all for the saying "Everyone is entitled to their own opinion," but there comes a time when the opinion is just BULLYING, and THAT is wrong. So, if you're a hater of Perrie or any of the girls for that matter and you try to justify your hate with 'everyone is entitled to their own opinion,' this is just a friendly reminder that YOU are being a BULLY. and bullying is WRONG. Okay?
Anonymous said: People are taking Little Mix's relationships to seriously. I personally don't like Zerrie Or Jesy's boyfriend now, But if that's what makes then Happy then all we can do is be fans and actually support them. And if we are fans we can like or dislike their boyfriends, But that doesn't mean we have to get all angered over something that is in their personal life, not ours.


Anonymous said: it annoys me that 1. people treat this like a zerrie confession tumblr than a mixers and 2. that people who aren't mixers come here to say their opinion because this is a MIXERS tumblr. ••••• honestly, the zerrie relationship is NONE of our business. either you like it or you don't, your opinion doesn't matter. these people aren't a relationship gurus so they can stop analyzing everything Zayn or Petrie does. it's annoying that people act like they understand their relationship


Anonymous said: I hate how Caitlin Edwards always give shoutouts
Anonymous said: heey, here in brazil we are trying to get wings to 100 million till february, may i count on you to help??